I’ve been involved in technology for over 30 years now.  In retrospect, I’ve always focused on disruptive technologies.  I began in the PC industry in mid-1979, two years before IBM introduced its PC.  I did online stuff as early as the early/mid 80’s, with 110/300 baud modems.  I started looking at the Internet in 1994.  I started social networking before the term existed.  Bottom line, I enjoy investigating how new technologies transform the way we work, play and communicate.

I’ve worked as an industry analyst (Gartner and AMR), as an end-user (Deloitte, General Instrument) and as a communications professional (Waggener Edstrom and Hill & Knowlton), working with a range of vendors from the very largest (Microsoft and IBM) to emerging venture-funded properties.

Whether you’re looking for someone to captivate your customers with deep insight and wit, or you’re looking for competitive positioning (and de-positioning) and messaging or just are looking for a compelling vision of the future of technology-enabled business, I’m your man.

Contact me at jyarmis@gmail.com or +1 203.856.6629.  I look forward to the conversation.



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